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19-04-2015 20:20

Enrique Rubio Enrique Rubio

Hi again Could you help me with this paper? NANN

31-05-2020 19:49

Mirek Gryc

Hi.A colleague from Norway brought one ascocarp of

29-05-2020 11:28

Maria Plekkenpol

Hello, on cowdung I saw these whitish asco's. Foll

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Andrés Valverde Valera Andrés Valverde Valera

Bonjour,Je ne sais pas si ça peut être la phase

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Yulia Lytvynenko

Dear friends.Looking for a copy of the following w

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Juuso Äikäs

I pulled off some thick bark from a Pinus sylvestr

28-05-2020 21:28

Marek Capoun

Hello everybody,I need help with a determination o

29-05-2020 20:14

Maren Kamke Maren Kamke

Good evening,A pyrenomycetes-species on rosa sp.,

28-05-2020 11:45

Hardware Tony Hardware Tony

Found this hairless orange operculate fungi larges

29-05-2020 14:08

Louis DENY

Bonjour forum,Dans un endroit humide, sur feuille

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pyrenomycete on Carpinus bark
Enrique Rubio, 08-04-2020 20:19
Enrique RubioHi to everyone
This fungus forms very small ascomata, isolated or in small groups, not ostiolate (or not well visible), without a well-defined stroma, just under the bark with a green algae coating on a Carpinus betulus branch.
The asci appear bitunicate and dextrinoid, the pseudoparaphyses abundant and the spores hyaline, smooth and bicellular.
Do you have any ideas to help me?
Maybe it could be a lichenized corticolus pyrenomycete?
Many thanks again
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