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23-04-2024 15:18

Lothar Krieglsteiner Lothar Krieglsteiner

... but likely a basidiomycete. I hope it is o.k.

23-04-2024 13:17

Edouard Evangelisti Edouard Evangelisti

Bonjour à tous, Je viens de récolter ce que je

23-04-2024 21:49

Ethan Crenson

Hello all, A friend recently found this orange as

22-04-2024 11:52

Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová) Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová)

Hello,I made a loan of a collection of Microstoma

11-01-2022 16:36

Jason Karakehian Jason Karakehian

Hi does anyone have a digital copy of Raitviir A (

22-04-2024 08:54

Rafael Cabral

Bonjour à toutes et tous, Quelqu'un pourrait-il

22-04-2024 20:38

Miguel Ãngel Ribes Miguel Ángel Ribes

Good afternoon.Does anyone know this anamorph?It g

21-04-2024 14:29

B Shelbourne B Shelbourne

• Genus Brunnipila: Distinct macro and habitat,

19-04-2024 14:28

B Shelbourne B Shelbourne

Cudoniella tenuispora: Distinctive macro and habit

20-04-2024 16:02

Michel Hairaud Michel Hairaud

Bonjour,On me fait part, pour diffusion d une list

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Dasyscyphella nivea ?
Thierry Blondelle, 19-02-2024 16:00
Thierry BlondelleHi

I am asking for confirmation for Dasyscyphella nivea.
Under a decaying Fraxinus branch
The yellowish color of the apothecia is probably due to their advanced stage.
The hairs seem to be quite typical of the species with absence of granulations in the terminal part.

Thank you

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Hans-Otto Baral, 19-02-2024 16:56
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Dasyscyphella nivea ?
The genus at least is clear but I recommend to check also the paraphyses (narrow, only slightly protruding) and the ascus base. D. nivea is usually only on Quercus and Fagus.
Thierry Blondelle, 19-02-2024 21:10
Thierry Blondelle
Re : Dasyscyphella nivea ?
Can we valid these new observations on paraphyses and asci for nivea

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Hans-Otto Baral, 19-02-2024 21:50
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Dasyscyphella nivea ?
Yes, now it is clearly D. nivea.
Thierry Blondelle, 19-02-2024 22:06
Thierry Blondelle
Re : Dasyscyphella nivea ?
Thanks for your help.