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Hello,I am working on this species, but I cannot f

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De ayer sobre un tronco viejo de haya Al verlo me

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Hello One more collection sent by a colleague.I d

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A few days ago I found this discomycete in Ottawa,

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Bonsoir tous After 40 years of looking at fungi i

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Hola.unos diminutos apotecios de color amarillo fo

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Hi! This Propolis was growing on exposed, decort

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Lasionectria ?
Unai Fernandes, 08-06-2021 00:09
Collect these specimens on dead wood. The environment where I found them predominated Quercus rubra and there were also some specimens more distant from Fagus sylvatica but of less constancy.
The samples have matched me with Lasionectria, at least it seems to me but after having looked at several keys I have not square with any species. If anyone could help me, I'd be grateful.

-Perithecia: globose and hairy. At first light orange, then reddish and dark brown. KOH-
-Ascospores: Four guttules with a septa and striates. Measurements of 6-9. 5 x 2-3 µm .
-Hairs: 30-85 x 2-4 µm. With a septa on some.

Any help welcome is. Thank you very much

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Christian Lechat, 08-06-2021 04:43
Christian Lechat
Re : Lasionectria ?
Hi Unai,
Are you sure the ascospores are striated?

Your specimen looks like Lasionectriopsis germanica but the ascospores of this species are warty.


Unai Fernandes, 08-06-2021 23:16
Re : Lasionectria ?
Hello Christian

Yes, the spores are striated. I haven't seen any warty characters. At least with IKI they only look striated.
I've been looking at Lasionectriopsis germanica, which actually matched very well and it looks like you told me, but seeing that the spores were warty I discard it.

Thank you.

Unai Fernandes, 10-06-2021 09:34
Re : Lasionectria ?
Hi Christian

Do you have any suggestions for this collection? or look at more characters?

Thank you