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08-05-2021 00:37

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Hello,I can't find a good name for this. Apotheci

15-05-2021 08:42

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hola.Un liquen sobre suelo calizo fotografiado el

04-05-2021 23:47

Stefan Jakobsson

The worst frost nights are now over here in southe

29-04-2014 17:14


Bonjour à tousPour cette mini-espèce je fais app

14-05-2021 08:36

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Alguien tiene las claves de identificación de Asc

14-05-2021 10:20

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

Recolectada en madera de EucaliptoRecibido el mate

09-05-2021 17:46

Andgelo Mombert Andgelo Mombert

Bonjour à tous, Sur brindilles d'Acer opalus. Co

13-05-2021 14:06


Bonjour à toutes et à tous,Ci-joint une récolte

12-05-2021 21:44

Chris Yeates Chris Yeates

Bonsoir tous This is a conclusion to my premature

13-05-2021 12:00

Karl Soler Kinnerbäck Karl Soler Kinnerbäck

Hi all,Could this be anything else than Chaetospha

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Anamorph (??) on Ficaria verna
William Slosse, 10-04-2021 16:53
William SlosseHello everyone,
recently I found a large growing place of Ficaria verna subsp on the edge of a Flemish polder forest.
In search of the rust Uromyces dactylidis, which I also found, I discovered on the leaves several concentric growing clusters of yellow-orange structures that I thought were undeveloped aecia.
Under the microscope, the structures were found to be filled with conidia (?) and numerous conidiospores (?) were swimming in the reagent liquid.
I also noticed the pointed, paraphysis-like structures.
I don't find any leads in Ellis & Ellis.
Does this anamorph (?) ring a bell for someone?
Greetings, William
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Björn Sothmann, 10-04-2021 17:00
Björn Sothmann
Re : Anamorph (??) on Ficaria verna
Hi WIlliam,

macrroscopically this looks like spermogonia of a rust fungus. So if you found aecia of U. dactylidis/poae on the same leave,this most likely are the associated spermogonia, though there are two other Uromyces species on Ficaria that could of course have infected the same plant.

William Slosse, 10-04-2021 17:40
William Slosse
Re : Anamorph (??) on Ficaria verna
Thx for your suggestion, Björn.
Perhaps this also could be an Entyloma sp?
Björn Sothmann, 11-04-2021 17:12
Björn Sothmann
Re : Anamorph (??) on Ficaria verna
Entlyoma ficariae looks different. Macroscopically, it produces white leaf spots, sometimes covered with the corresponding anamorph. The conidia of the anamorph are lanceolate. Teliospores of the rust which are inside the leaf are thickwalled, hyaline and more or less round.
Chris Yeates, 12-04-2021 16:41
Chris Yeates
Re : Anamorph (??) on Ficaria verna
Indeed Björn is quite correct on both counts - here is a composite of the Entyloma

regards, Chris

* and I do appreciate we are not dealing with ascomycetes here, but people could possibly confuse the conidial phase of the Entyloma with a Ramularia
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