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25-06-2021 11:04

Mirek Gryc

Hello One more collection sent by a colleague.I d

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A few days ago I found this discomycete in Ottawa,

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Hello,I am working on this species, but I cannot f

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De ayer sobre un tronco viejo de haya Al verlo me

25-06-2021 10:48

Michel Hairaud Michel Hairaud soutient évidemment Ascofra

02-06-2021 20:41

Chris Yeates Chris Yeates

Bonsoir tous After 40 years of looking at fungi i

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Hola.unos diminutos apotecios de color amarillo fo

24-06-2021 12:15

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Hi! This Propolis was growing on exposed, decort

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Fern mystery
Chris Yeates, 02-06-2021 20:41
Chris Yeates
Bonsoir tous

After 40 years of looking at fungi it is quite unusual these days that I come across a fungus which completely confuses me; even if I often seem to collect enough "puzzles" I am usually able to surmise at least an order.

This was spotted in the field, small pyramidal black structures on a short length of a dead Athyrium filix-femina stem.I hope the pictures show features which will not require explanation, but what are we looking at? I'm assuming these cylindrical bodies are asci with tiny broadly ellipsoid spores (3.4-5.1 x 2.8-3µm) containing one or a few droplets? Or is this an anamorph producing budded off conidia? There was no indication of forceful ejection either of "asci" or spores. I am assuming that the free spores have come from the "asci" though those in the latter look more globose and have (it seems) generally only one droplet.

As can be seen the ostiole consists of short dark bristles surrounding longer, septate, hyaline ones.

I may well be missing something but I have never collected anything that looks quite like this. Any help would be good . . .

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Charles Aron, 03-06-2021 09:26
Charles Aron
Re : Fern mystery

Hi Chris,

Inriguing fungus and I've no idea but I was wondering what iodine reactions would be. Might help clarify whether the structures are asci.



Paul Cannon, 24-06-2021 12:31
Re : Fern mystery
Sorry Chris, missed this one. It's a lichen, Anisomeridium polypori. Commonest on bark of broadleaved trees but can can occur in all sorts of unexpected habitats. The conical pycnidia exuding conidia like toothpaste from a tube are typical of the species.

Best wishes

Chris Yeates, 24-06-2021 15:10
Chris Yeates
Re : Fern mystery
Thanks Paul - I had considered contacting you directly re this one!

But I saw no evidence of a photobiont . . . . (?)
Paul Cannon, 24-06-2021 16:22
Re : Fern mystery
The thallus is described as "often inconspicuous, effuse, whitish grey or pale grey-green". So semi-invisible...
Chris Yeates, 24-06-2021 22:55
Chris Yeates
Re : Fern mystery
The first image shows green areas which will of course be the photobiont!