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petites apothécies blanchâtre Spores verruqueus

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Hola en resto de herbáceas sin determinar, ¿de t

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EN observant mes Saccobolus issus de laissées de

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Bonjour,Trouvé cet Ascobolus sur une laissée de

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Bonjour à vous, J'ai une récolte d'un Mollisia

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Malcolm Greaves, 28-11-2016 12:10
Malcolm  GreavesGlad to see we have been ressurected, well done Christian.
A large group of what I assume is a Peziza was on soil under a conifer.
There was no milk on cutting.
The asci were hardly blued, if at all in Meltzers.
Spores were bi-gutulate and had quite large warts and were 14.5 -15.3 x 7-8.
Paraphyses very slightly swollen and often hooked.
Can anyone help.
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Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 28-11-2016 18:45
Re : Peziza?
We need more data to help you: size of apothecia and structure of excipulum. It would be intertesting to see how the top of asci reacts in iodine, and also a view of ascospores in water.
Malcolm Greaves, 28-11-2016 21:01
Malcolm  Greaves
Re : Peziza?
The apothecia in the photo is 6cm across but it was part of a larger group.
Hope this helps.
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DirkW, 28-11-2016 23:49
Re : Peziza?
hello malcolm, i think we should consider sowerbyella radiculata as a possibility. 


Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 29-11-2016 07:41
Re : Peziza?
I agree with Dirk, this is a Sowerbyella species.