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petites apothécies blanchâtre Spores verruqueus

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Hola en resto de herbáceas sin determinar, ¿de t

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Hallo,Attached are photos of ascomycete finding, f

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Os presento esta colección sobre ramas muertas de

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Bonjour,Voici une récolte d'une Calloriaceae pour

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EN observant mes Saccobolus issus de laissées de

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Bonjour,Trouvé cet Ascobolus sur une laissée de

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Bonjour à vous, J'ai une récolte d'un Mollisia

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Minute white apos on Rubus idaeus
Stefan Jakobsson, 12-11-2023 16:54
On a dead stem of Rubus idaes I found a small group of apos, 200 µm diameter, no obvious hairs. The colour is white, turning light ochraceous when drying.

The spores are 26-33 x 1.4-2.1 µm. Sometimes (especially in CR) they seem to have three septa. The asci are not much longer than than the spores, 30-35 x 5.7-8.4 µm and somewhat thick-walled. The whole ascus turns blue in low concentrations of IKI and brown at higher concentrations. The ascus base is difficult to observe. The paraphyses are clavate, multiseptate, short-celled, sometimes branched.

I would be grateful for help with this one.

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Hans-Otto Baral, 12-11-2023 17:31
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Minute white apos on Rubus idaeus
I think I saw this but cannot find. I thought in Vezdaea (in my folder Lecanorales) but I see no species with such spores.

Helicogonium conniventis has similar spores, and there is a H. paraconniventis folder with minute white apothecia, but all Helicogonium have inamyloid asci.
Stefan Jakobsson, 14-11-2023 15:10
Re : Minute white apos on Rubus idaeus
Thank you! That Vezdaea helped me to find Bacidina, which now has been confirmed by Stefan Ekman. He sais that it is Bacidina chloroticula.
Hans-Otto Baral, 14-11-2023 17:07
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Minute white apos on Rubus idaeus
Ha! This was probably what I remembered. I have two species in my folder Bacidina (Ramalinaceae, Lecanorales), B. arnoldiana and B. delicata. Both are relatively similar to yours, and I am not able to tell the differences.
Stefan Jakobsson, 14-11-2023 18:11
Re : Minute white apos on Rubus idaeus
For anybody interested, here is a link to a paper on Scandinavian species: