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Orange disks
Leif Goodwin, 14-10-2023 11:29
This summer I found some cup fungus on soil with acer and black poplar. I struggled to get a spore print so only got a few spores. The asci and paraphyses are shown in Melzers, the spores in Lacto Cotton Blue. The disks are up to 2 cm wide. 

Someone suggested a Purpureodiscus species e.g. P. isabellinus. 

Help appreciated.
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Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 22-10-2023 11:19
Re : Orange disks
Macroscopically it looks like Purpureodiscus subisabellinus, but you should show some mature ascospores (in water). They measure 18.5-23.5 × 11-13 µm and show bipolar spore granules. The amyloid reaction of asci is only visible on the wall (W type), sometimes difficult to see.
Leif Goodwin, 13-11-2023 18:43
Re : Orange disks
Thank you for taking the time to reply, and apologies for my late response. I have given the specimen to someone who will amplify the ITS region of the DNA and then have it sequenced. When he returns it, I will try and find some mature spores. Hopefully the DNA sequencing will give us an answer, but sadly DNA does not always amplify, possibly because the primers are not ideal for ascos.