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19-06-2024 18:32

François Bartholomeeusen

On female Alnus catkins I found very small fruit b

19-06-2024 17:52

Bernard Declercq Bernard Declercq

Dear all, I am looking for the description and ac

12-06-2024 22:08

Stip Helleman Stip Helleman

Dear all, a week ago this cushen formed species w

18-06-2024 14:07

Thierry Blondelle Thierry Blondelle

Bonjour,Récolte sur une brindille dans une tourbi

17-06-2024 12:00

Juuso Äikäs

A couple days ago I found some Mitrula fruitbodies

16-06-2024 16:47

Hardware Tony Hardware Tony

These apothecia directly growing on a resupinate,

16-06-2024 14:36

Josep Torres Josep Torres

Hello.An anamorph located in nature, on the surfac

15-06-2024 13:51

Thomas Flammer

Just downloaded the english Key for Tarzetta. I h

12-06-2024 07:41

Juuso Äikäs

Yesterday I found some white Mollisias growing on

08-06-2024 14:44

Louis DENY

Sur sphagnum sp dans la tourbière des Pîles à S

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Minute whitsh apos on Picea wood
Stefan Jakobsson, 28-03-2023 01:34
On wood of a still fairly hard trunk of spruce I found some scattered whitish apothecia of up 400 µm diametre; no stipe but attached at a fairly narrow point. A very thin subiculum is present on the surface of the wood.

The excipulum looks like t. oblita and is hard to separate under the cover slip; no dextrinoid reactions. No disinct hairs. The asci are 36-50 × 4.5-6.4 µm, with a reddish brown ascal ring in IKI, with croziers. The parafyses are slightly clavate and covered with some kind of incrustations at the apex. The incrustations dissolve in MLZ. The spores are ±ellipsoid, without visible content, 5.2-6.6 × 2.5-2.9 µm. The most basal spores are tapering below.

I have no good idea where to place this. Any ideas are wellcome!

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Hans-Otto Baral, 28-03-2023 09:42
Hans-Otto Baral
Re : Minute whitsh apos on Picea wood
Compare the white form of Durella suecica.
Stefan Jakobsson, 28-03-2023 17:21
Re : Minute whitsh apos on Picea wood
That is it! Thank you!

The species (and genus) is surprisingly variable. The subiculum could fit the relatedness to Arachnopeziza.