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09-01-2023 08:14

Francisco  SÃNCHEZ Francisco SÁNCHEZ

Ascomiceto anaranjado sobre suelo desnudo, 29/12/2

27-05-2024 22:10

Ethan Crenson

Hi everyone, I found these lovely stipitate ascos

26-05-2024 12:05

Alain Delannoy

Bonjour,Je n'arrive pas à mettre un nom sur cette

25-05-2024 16:40

Sylvie Le Goff

Bonjourj'aimerais confirmation ou pas pour ce peti

25-05-2024 18:29

Malcolm  Greaves Malcolm Greaves

I found a group of Mitrula gracilis? on wet debris

25-05-2024 16:54

Sylvie Le Goff

Bonjour j'aimerais confirmation ou infirmation de

22-05-2024 23:39

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

Dear Forum,On debarked Fagus I found some small wh

21-05-2024 17:48

Karl Soler Kinnerbäck

Hi all,Could this be Venturioscypha or Venturiocis

21-05-2024 11:33

Nihad Omerovic

Hello,found on dead, dry, attached (and fallen) tw

07-11-2018 08:34

Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová) Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová)

Hello, could someone send this publication to me

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Asco on Umbelliferae stems
Enrique Rubio, 17-04-2009 18:42
Enrique RubioJe vous autrefois prie une aide pour cet asco (0.5-0.7 mm) gisatre, patellarioide, globuleuse et pruinose a la maturesse.
ASci IKI bb, avec des crochets, 8-spored, jusqu'a 125 x18. Paraphyses avec cilindriques et refringentes vacuoles KOH (-). Excipulum textura porrecta gelifiée (non globuloso-angularis). Spores 0-3 septa, multiguttulés, 23-26 x 6-7 que germinent en phialides (¿) brunes.
Je ne connais pas le genre.
Merci en avancé

Ascomata 0.5-0.7 mm, greyish, bluish, patellarioide, convex, (sub) sphaeerical and pruinose at maturity. Asci up to 125 x 18, 8-spored, IKI bb, with croziers. Paraphyses with refractive and cilyndrical VB's turning red brownish in IKI. Excipulum porrecta gelified (not angularis). Spores up to 3 septate, muliguttulate, hyalines, 23-26 x 6-7 germinating in brownish phialides (?).
I don't know the genus it belongs.
Many thanks
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Enrique Rubio, 17-04-2009 18:43
Enrique Rubio
Re:Asco on Umbelliferae stems
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Enrique Rubio, 17-04-2009 18:43
Enrique Rubio
Re:Asco on Umbelliferae stems
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Enrique Rubio, 17-04-2009 18:43
Enrique Rubio
Re:Asco on Umbelliferae stems
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Enrique Rubio, 17-04-2009 18:44
Enrique Rubio
Re:Asco on Umbelliferae stems
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Hans-Otto Baral, 17-04-2009 20:33
Hans-Otto Baral
Re:Asco on Umbelliferae stems
Wonderful collection! This is my Calycellina "chalarae" nom. prov. (see DVD, HB 6307 + 7429, both on Reynoutria from Gelsenkirchen, and 4262, on Fagus stump, Tübingen. I assume the one on wood is the same species as that on herbaceous stems.

Now Seppo Huhtinen recently wrote me the following: "when checking Velenovsky's types which I brought with me when last time in Praque ... I am rather convinced that your Calycellina chalarae is Belonium betulinum Vel. I also saw the Chalara growing from spores, this time on top of three asci."

So we now have a name, but the generic placement still needs some consideration. I think that Calloriella or Micropeziza are worth to be compared too.

Enrique Rubio, 17-04-2009 20:51
Enrique Rubio
Re:Asco on Umbelliferae stems
OK., Zotto. I can see in your DVD that is the same fungus.
Many thanks.