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09-01-2023 08:14

Francisco  SÃNCHEZ Francisco SÁNCHEZ

Ascomiceto anaranjado sobre suelo desnudo, 29/12/2

27-05-2024 22:10

Ethan Crenson

Hi everyone, I found these lovely stipitate ascos

26-05-2024 12:05

Alain Delannoy

Bonjour,Je n'arrive pas à mettre un nom sur cette

25-05-2024 16:40

Sylvie Le Goff

Bonjourj'aimerais confirmation ou pas pour ce peti

25-05-2024 18:29

Malcolm  Greaves Malcolm Greaves

I found a group of Mitrula gracilis? on wet debris

25-05-2024 16:54

Sylvie Le Goff

Bonjour j'aimerais confirmation ou infirmation de

22-05-2024 23:39

Marc Detollenaere Marc Detollenaere

Dear Forum,On debarked Fagus I found some small wh

21-05-2024 17:48

Karl Soler Kinnerbäck

Hi all,Could this be Venturioscypha or Venturiocis

21-05-2024 11:33

Nihad Omerovic

Hello,found on dead, dry, attached (and fallen) tw

07-11-2018 08:34

Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová) Zuzana Sochorová (Egertová)

Hello, could someone send this publication to me

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?Tricharina on old burn site
Zuidland Peter, 18-10-2022 01:37
I need help with this one please.
Vast numbers of this asco found on 2-3 year old burnt ground in a eucalyptus forest; stipitate when small, flattening with age up to 1cm with a fringe of hairs.
Spores are smooth, 23-24 x 13-15um, encased by a warted membrane when immature.
Asci are Lugol's -ve and have a simple base.
Hairs are hyaline at the top, purple/brown at the base, septate with walls approx 2um
Victoria, Australia
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Uwe Lindemann, 18-10-2022 10:33
Uwe Lindemann
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
Hi Peter, very interesting collection! No idea. None of the known Tricharina species - maybe a  Pseudotricharina? I don't know. Sequencing is necessary. If you like, you can send me a part of it and I will do it.
Best, Uwe
Nicolas VAN VOOREN, 18-10-2022 17:04
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
My first idea was a Geopyxis, but the spore size is unusual.
Why not a Pseudombrophila?

A close-up view of ascus base should be interesting.
Uwe Lindemann, 18-10-2022 17:53
Uwe Lindemann
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
Yes, good idea! But as far as I know, there are no Pseudombrophila with such ascospores.
Ursula Kozik, 18-10-2022 20:22
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
Bonjour et bonne soirée,

dans le cas des ascospores, un épaississement visible peut être observé aux pôles. Est-ce peut-être une caractéristique déterminante ?

Un bon moment

Zuidland Peter, 18-10-2022 22:08
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
Thanks you for looking at this, I will check out Pseudotricharina.
Zuidland Peter, 18-10-2022 22:12
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
Geopyxis was my first thought too as it was on this site soon after the burn, I will look into Pseudombrophila and send a better image of the asci base.
I am unable to access Otto's database 'In vivo veritas', is it no longer available?
Zuidland Peter, 18-10-2022 22:16
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
Thanks you Ursula for your observation, many of the mature spores also show a tapering at the poles of the spores too, I am not aware of the diagnostic value here as yet.
Zuidland Peter, 18-10-2022 22:40
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
Uwe, I will collect some fresh specimens to dry and send you some; I will let you know when it is on it's way to you.
Zuidland Peter, 20-10-2022 07:03
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
A couple of asci base images plus the spores in sac
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Ursula Kozik, 20-10-2022 08:36
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
Bonjour et bonne journée Peter,

vous montrez principalement des ascospores dans la section optique (optischer Schnitt). On ne peut pas juger si les éperons sont ou sont sans ornement.
Si les spores sont ornées, ce serait bien si vous pouviez les montrer au microscope dans l'eau.

Un bon moment

Ursula Kozik, 20-10-2022 09:54
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
Je vous ai envoyé un e-mail
Zuidland Peter, 21-10-2022 06:33
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site

I haven't seen any ornamentation on the spores themselves only on the sheath surrounding them.


Ursula Kozik, 06-12-2022 12:17
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
Hello and good day,

Peter sent me a receipt. Microscoped and documented the Asco find. Was able to add some microscopic features to Peter's post. Here my results.

Very strong hair growth on the outside of the fruit body, especially on the edge, can be seen on the exsiccate. Hairiness down to the stem area. Compare it to a felted fabric. Page 2 - 3

Hyaline, smooth, thick-walled, partly in gel shell, 22.5 - 25.5 x 13.5 - 15.5 µm Q 1.7 - Page 4

Germinating spores – conidia:
Germinating spores with pinched conidia, conidia 11 – 13.5 x 2.5 – 4µm – Page 5

Expanded above, up to 7µm, brown pigmented, partly hairy – Page 6

Eight spores, 280-320 x 18-21µm, base without hook, J-

Fabric layer:
Textura angularis, very compact, cells 10 - 30 µm, hyphae of the texture up to 3 µm - Page 7

Outer area of the fruit body and edge very densely covered with hair. Hairs hyaline to beige, up to 6 µm thick, walls 1.5 - 2 µm thick. Hair on the outside 160 - 270 µm long.
It was observed that the hair in some areas, especially in the edge area of the fruit bodies, was heavily covered with gel. Pages 8, 10 - 14

Attached is a 14-page documentation of the find. Unfortunately I am not able to identify the find. I would particularly like to point out the gel-coated spores, the heavily gel-coated hairs and the very compact layer of tissue. I moved away from my first thoughts about Geopyxis because of the strong hair on the outside.
I give the Asco the working title Pseudombrophila.

A good time

Uwe Lindemann, 07-12-2022 10:15
Uwe Lindemann
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
Hi Ursula (and Peter),
beautiful documentation! Now I am sure that it is indeed a Pseudombrophila.
Best, Uwe
Zuidland Peter, 07-12-2022 20:46
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
Beautiful work Ursula, a great presentation.

I thank you and Uwe for answering on this one.


Ursula Kozik, 13-04-2024 16:22
Re : ?Tricharina on old burn site
Hallo und guten Tag Peter,

kann dich leider nicht per Mail erreichen. Hat sich deine Adresse geändert?

Wäre schön von dir zu lesen.

Eine gute Zeit und bleib gesund