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02-08-2021 19:16

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

De ayer en bosque de hayas y piceassobre la tierra

03-08-2021 12:15

Thorben Hülsewig

Hi there,yesterday i found a pyreno on a corylus n

31-07-2021 23:33

Wilhelm Guggisberg Wilhelm Guggisberg

This 20 um, barreled shape, beer keg-like ascospor

18-07-2018 18:02

Elisabeth Stöckli

Bonjour, Trouvé sur feuilles mortes d'Eriophorum

02-08-2021 15:17

Castillo Joseba Castillo Joseba

De ayer en rama de fagus Pequeños aporecios de u

31-07-2021 20:39

Stefan Jakobsson

On the verge of a forest rivulet I found an Ombrop

30-07-2021 17:18

Elisabeth Stöckli

Bonjour, Sur branche morte de Frangula alnus (Bét

01-08-2021 10:00


Bonjour à toutes et à tous,Un ami m'envoie ces d

22-06-2021 01:00

Viktorie Halasu Viktorie Halasu

Dear friends,I'm looking for recent material of Ru

29-07-2021 23:25

Ethan Crenson

Hi all, This is a parasite I found on fruiting bo

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Ascofrance needs your help
Christian Lechat, 04-06-2021 09:44
Christian LechatAscofrance needs your help
Dear colleagues
Ascofrance was founded in 2003 and since this time, hundreds of persons fascinated by Ascomycota contributed to build the biggest illustrated data base of Ascomycetes available on the Internet.
Ascofrance is a totally free and interactive site, it lives and evolves thanks to all those who participate. More than 1500 pages are consulted every day on
The site Ascofrance is free of advertising and I do wish to keep it that way, but the needs in terms of servers, bandwidth as well as maintenance are important and the work of developers has a cost which is difficult to me to bear alone.
Ascofrance needs your help to continue and develop, your donations will contribute to assure its viability.
Christian Lechat.
Ascofrance is your web site, it is thanks to you that it exists! Thank you for your support
Contribute via"
Ascofrance needs your help, your donations will contribute to provide the viability of the site Ascofrance.
We chose the online solution "Leetchi" to collect your donations. It's an easy way for us to collecte donations, and a secured way for you to pay.
First, you just have to click on the contribute button below. Next, on our leetchi's page, just enter your first name, Name, email address and date of birth. Then, you can choose the amount of your contribution and pay with your credit card.
It's as simple as that.
If you have any question or concerns about it, please feel free to contact me
Contribute here:
Jason Karakehian, 07-07-2021 15:24
Jason Karakehian
Re : Ascofrance needs your help
Can this be set up with American Express? I don't have to pay foreign transaction fees if I use this credit card - so I can donate more! ;) Thanks!
Alain GARDIENNET, 11-07-2021 11:51
Re : Ascofrance needs your help
I almost forgot, it's done.
Thanks to you, thanks Ascofrance, I hope that all users are aware of the interest to make Ascofrance live !
Riet van Oosten, 11-07-2021 18:47
Riet van Oosten
Re : Ascofrance needs your help
I would like to contribute, but unfortunately paying with PayPal is not possible.

:-) a solution has been found.