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Dencoeliopsis johnstonii
Enrique Rubio , 16-05-2010 00:00
Genre Dencoeliopsis
Espèce johnstonii
Autorités (Berk.) Korf
Classe Leotiomycetes
Ordre Helotiales
Famille Helotiaceae
Substrat Betula
Herbier ERD-5111
Localité Tineo (Asturias) Spain
Leg. J. Linde
Det. E. Rubio
Date de récolte 16-05-2010
Remarque Ascomata (sub) stipitate up to 5 mm broad and 4 mm high, growing on Betula alba branches still attached to a tree. The apothecia grow on a copious acute and dead stromata of a pyrenomycete (Xenotypa aterrima?).Mature free ascospores have up to 3 clearly septa. Ectal excipulum of textura porrecta. Any globulosa textura I can see at this level.